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Mika Kane


“As a professional musician, every single thing contributes to your sound as an artist; your instrument, strings, nail shape, specific pickup, amps, music interface, etc. The type of instrument/XLR cables that we choose also greatly affects our tone as a musician, and Analysis Plus cables give me the most accurate representation of my sound when recording or playing live. I first started out using them in 2016 with the Silver ThinLine instrument cable and the Pro Power Oval cable. It was a complete game changer. Since then, I’ve expanded to using the Blue Suede, Yellow Oval, and Studio Oval instrument/XLR cables for my live and at home studio sound. Analysis Plus cables are one of those products that keep on giving no matter how many years go by.”


Mika Kane is a professional ‘ukulele artist/teacher from O’ahu, Hawai’i. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music with an ‘Ukulele focus and a Masters Degree in Educational Foundations from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. As an educator following in the footsteps of his mentor Dr. Byron Yasui, Mika recently finished teaching for four years at the Hawai’i Youth Correctional Facility and now teaches online ‘ukulele as a lecturer at The University of Hawai’i West O’ahu and Windward Community College.

Mika also teaches private online lessons full-time with students from all over the world through his own business, Mika Kane Music. In his free time, he does professional sound samples, podcasts, and other side work for TheUkuleleSite and UkuleleFriend. Mika also plays professionally as a duo with Kala’e Camarillo through various events and gigs in Hawai’i.”