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Luis Vega


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Luis Vega began playing bass when he was in Junior High School. He was accepted at the University of Puerto Rico where he was granted a musical scholarship. There he studied bass and participated in their jazz band. As soon as he began studying, doors opened up to work professionally. Then, he decided to go further into his studies and moved to New York City to earn a Master degree.

As soon as he moved to the city he began playing with some of the best Latin music bands. He also began to do jazz gigs as well which he preferred at the time. At this point Luis decided to leave secular music and returned to Puerto Rico to turn his focus to gospel music.

He has been touring with Latin Grammy Award Gospel Artist Samuel Hernandez across Latin America and the U.S. In Puerto Rico they recently had a concert at Bellas Artes of Puerto Rico, which is one of the most respected concert venues on the island, and with sold out performances.

Luis is currently working with gospel artists such as Danny Berrios, Grupo D’Novo and others. He has recorded for gospel artists such as Samuel Hernandez, Benny Nieves, Grupo Genesis, Pablo and Ivellise, Sonia Noemi, Plena Pal Cielo, Nueva Cosecha, Javier Ferrer, and many more.

Luis is working on a solo album, a project he has been looking forward to for quite some time.