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Kevin Scott


“Before Analysis Plus, I thought that cables didn’t make that much of a difference with my sound.  Once I got my first Yellow Oval, I was blown away by how much of a difference it made. Now I can’t use any other cable! Other cables add so much color but Analysis Plus brings the cleanest, most honest sound out of all my Basses live or in the studio.”


Bassist Kevin Scott’s visceral playing and explorer’s spirit have become his hallmarks in multiple musical circles. He has recently been heard marauding the low end with Wayne Krantz, Jimmy Herring, Donny McCaslin, John McLaughlin, FORQ, and Wednesday Night Titans, his multi-media duo with drummer and programmer Zach Danziger.

Kevin’s musical roots are in Atlanta where blues surrealist Colonel Bruce Hampton and jazz/fusion trumpeter Russel Gunn gave him room to run. These bizarre and beautiful musical adventures shaped him as an impresario as he headed up Atlanta Funk Society, and productions with The ATL Collective featuring iconic drummer Bernard Purdie, whom Kevin counts as a friend, mentor, and profound influence. For over a decade, he hosted a weekly jam session that encompassed experimental music and performance art of almost any stripe, and became an incubator for Atlanta’s creative community.

Kevin has also produced various recordings including Fix and Wait by WiseTale, Music from a Fallout Shelter by Church Basement Band, Extra Vehicular Activity by The Talismen, and Sunbelt Bliss by Ryan Knight. Kevin’s playing is in-the-moment and of the moment, and his expression is infused with a joyful menace that has proven magnetic to a growing and increasingly rarefied list of fellow travelers.